By Martin Zaltz Austwick and Lily Sloane

Companion episode: Gluteal Strategies

This post is a conversation between Martin Zaltz Austwick and the first guest contributor to Neutrinowatch, Lily Sloane.

Martin Zaltz Austwick: 

Gus Hommes is a character created by Jeff for Gus Hommes Has Creative Differences. I immediately got a sense of someone I wanted to know more about, and to hear more music from. I already make an episodic podcast about a musician I love – the musician is Tom Waits, and the show is called Song by Song (created with Sam Pay – the Gus by Gus thing is a silly in-joke on my existing podcast’s name). 

I don’t know how I roped her in, but I asked Lily Sloane to work with me on this – partly because she’s been a guest on Song by Song and knows the format, but more because, as well as being a podcast host and producer, she’s a musician – we’ve collaborated together on albums in the past, and her own music is great.

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