The Start of Generative Podcasting? [Blog]

By Jeff Emtman

Companion to episode: This Is Neutrinowatch

Here on the Neutrinowatch site, Martin and I will dedicate a bit of space below-the-fold to breaking Neutrinowatch’s loose fiction. We want to share some of the joys and struggles of chugging to life this silly podcast machine that we that we’ve been building for the better part of a year. 

From what we can tell, Neutrinowatch is the first podcast of its kind (though we hope its not the last). It’s a “generative podcast” which is a term that we’ve adopted from generative music. The fundamental idea is that we, the podcasters, create a set of rules for each episode. Once we’re happy with the rules, we take our hands off the wheel and let a computer make the episodes for us. A new version every day.

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